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We are each responsible for all the good we do not do.

Firm Affiliations

The lawyers of Olejar & Olejar LLP maintain continuing relationships with several legal and non-legal organizations which share our ideals.


The Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation provides funding for the education of the children of fallen U.S. Marines and Federal Law Enforcement Officers. Since its founding in 1995, MC-LEF has distributed aid with a value of more than $64 million, with 98.8% of donations going to the intended beneficiaries. Click on the above symbol to visit the official MC-LEF web site.

London's Inns of Court

London's Four Inns of Court have the sole authority to Call lawyers to the Bar of England and Wales as Barristers. They are the Honourable Societies of Lincoln's Inn, Gray's Inn, The Inner Temple and The Middle Temple. Click on any of the above names to visit the official web sites of each Inn.


The Bujinkan is an international organization which teaches the philosophy and skills of Ninjutsu, the almost millenium-old martial art of the ancient Ninja. Budo Taijutsu, or body-changing art, is another name for this martial art.

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