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If you have been arrested or advised that a Criminal Complaint has been filed against you, or that a Grand Jury has returned an Indictment against you, you must speak to a lawyer before your Initial Appearance, in the case of a Criminal Complaint, or before your Arraignment in the case of an Indictment, as this is when the Court will determine whether you are granted bail and the amount. It is usually not a good idea to try to "talk your way out of it", unless law enforcement has made an obvious error, such as mistaken identity. Tell us your side of the story, and we'll discuss it with the prosecuting attorney on your behalf.


On the civil side, if you have been served with a civil complaint if Federal Court or a in a state court higher than Small Claims or Landlord-Tenant, you would be well-advised to speak to a lawyer before you try to do anything about it. The basic rule-of-thumb is, the greater the amount at issue, the more cost-effective the legal fees.


Sometimes you don't really need to retain a lawyer, but just need a form or an answer to a simple question and don't know where to look. We have included a few useful links to external websites to help you find what you need:


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